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PrimalX Fitness

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PrimalX Fitness provides personal training, semi-private training and fitness group classes in Dublin, in Sallynoggin area. Inspired by primitive fitness principle of using body to it’s full potential our objective is to help members reach functional fitness levels through cardio, endurance, resistance, strength, conditioning and high intensity interval training (HIIT). To ensure best results we adopt a holistic approach to fitness that incorporates a healthy body, a healthy mind, healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. PrimalX also offers nutrition coaching and healthy eating plans for sports and weight loss.

Through attentive coaching and education we hope to help our members regain full control over their daily diet and physical and mental fitness. We lead our members to challenge their limits and we hope the resilience they demonstrate in training carries into their lives. PrimalX offers a lifestyle changing and character building experience leading to a healthier, happier and more successful life. PrimalX trainers lead by example. With our tribe we: train hard, and strive to maintain the healthiest diet. Our tribe prospers in the culture of inclusion, mutual encouragement, and integrity.

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