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Trinity Cycling Club

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Group Spins - Times & Dates Vary
Group Spins - Times & Dates Vary
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Trinity Cycling Club is a road and mtb club based in Trinity College Dublin. We cater for all levels of rider from beginners and leisure riders to elite racers. Over the past 3 years, our size has increased over 5 fold to over 200 members. As such, we have become one of Ireland’s fastest growing clubs.

In racing, we had an eventful 2014 season with 5 wins to our name, and are planning on an even more eventful 2015! See you on the road!

Even though Trinity Cycling Club are a relatively new club, Trinity Cycling Club endeavour to make our presence felt in the cycling community both on and off the bike. In the past two years, we have hosted interviews with a number of world class cyclists, such as Victoria Pendleton and Nicolas Roche.

On the bike, Trinity Cycling Club have a core group of riders who share their experience in the smooth running of the club, and with any newer riders who join us. Whether your interest is in leisure, road racing, mountain biking or track, we can and will accommodate you!